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Innovators, technologists and institutions will walk the stage of Futurmotive Talks for an high density conference program.

There will be a series of conferences organised with important contribution from key national and international speakers regarding transition energy. The main aspects of this momentous change will be explored with a technical and operational viewpoint, based on highly strategic points of view:

  • The industry and its role as an ally for a secure, sustainable and prosperous future: Energy sources, infrastructure, industrial conversions, and transition trends.
  • The data explosion: big data management: state of the regulatory apparatus with respect to data ownership, availability of enabling technologies for data access. Cybersecurity.
  • Connectivity: smart cities and smart mobility for environmental sustainability. Artificial Intelligence at the service of future mobility; new business models for mobility service delivery.
  • The supply chain: deglobalization of rare materials and strategic components, changes in perspective to secure the European supply chain. The role of the Motorvalley
  • Job market: supply-demand imbalance in the energy transition.
  • Networks: The value of aggregation in automotive repair for the competitive market.

The complete agenda will be online soon, follow us on social media and do not miss any update about Futurmotive!